Big Payoffs and not so typical pictures.

Beautiful shot of the harbor!



This is a very typical shot for Milwaukee if you take out the ice and the ship coming into port.  I have never seen the ice and a ship here before.  In fact I have never seen a ship coming into port here.  This is not actually the port area.  What it is though is the entrance way to a rather large company that has a dock for a ship this size right outside the back door.

It was happenstance that I was in the area on a Sunday afternoon.  I had a meeting with the printer for the show in April.  His studio is right in this area.  I never miss a chance to go to this spot when I am in the area.  Imagine my delight upon seeing this.  I love working for the POD. I never moan and groan about having to work for it.  I will…

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