Who Goes to Thailand Alone?

Pixologie Co-Founder Mollie Bartelt’s sister does!

Accomplished photographer and artist, Rosie Hartmann traveled to Thailand in February 2013 to experience a thrilling solo adventure where there was no turning back (to safe Bay View, Wisconsin!)

Rosie is my sister. As she shared beautiful photos of Thailand on Facebook during that trip, she delighted us all with the mysteriousness of that far land; foreign lifestyle and sampling of beautiful color the Thai culture offers the senses. 

Thailand - Page 054

So, we saw maybe 100 photos that she posted during her week. And then, all 2200 photos that she took stayed hidden on a hard drive for the next 18 months. Then, Rosie gave Pixologie her hard drive and we designed a book – no words necessary for this one.

Thailand - Page 001

Last night, she picked up her book – and as she turned pages, the stories just flowed out of her. Flowers, food, expensive Coca Cola, panda bears, buddhas and so much more. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show everyone the final product – since most people had stopped asking when they’d get to see all of her Thailand pictures.


Please go to our Facebook page and enjoy the pages and experiences of Thailand that Rosie brought back for us all. And. . . come into our studio to see a copy. The images bring out many emotions in all of us who look through Rosie’s work.

Thank you for sharing your trip Rosie!

Thailand by Rosie Hartmann – View on Facebook!

Rosie Hartmann, Artist & Photographer Website: www.rosiehartmann.com

And. . . if you have photos from an amazing vacation – don’t let them sit on your computer! Call us: 414-690-0791 or email: contact@pixologieinc.com.