Two Men and A Plane



Yesterday, we celebrated Veteran’s Day . . . a special honoring of those American soldiers who served and serve our country to defend our freedom and way of life. We saw many photos posted on Facebook, shared on Twitter and other social media.¬†We are awed by the sacrifices made throughout the years by so many and express our appreciation for those who have chosen service in the United States military.

My dad served in the Vietnam War . . . and we have a few photos from his time with the Navy. These pictures are special to us . . . because he doesn’t like to talk about those years of his life. He has explained to us how he voluntarily enlisted with the Navy as many of his friends and he expected the draft to kick in – and then they’d not have as much of a choice of where they would go. I have another family member who loves telling the stories of his time with the Army and he has many, many photos taken with his service friends. It is fun when he brings out the box and we go through those memories.

This photo above was found online searching for photos of WWII – we don’t know the story of the two men and their plane. . . but imagine they saw life in a completely different way then our current generation ever will. Sure, photos can tell a story – but do we have the right story?

What stories do you or your family members have about serving our country? We’d love to hear about them. We hope that you are preserving these stories, photos and memories safely – and that they’ll be around for generations to come. If you need help, contact us – we can get you a place to start.

God’s blessings to all our veterans!