Things that get in my way.

A beautiful photo and post from a Pixologie friend. . .



Blockades get in my way.  Sometimes I put them up.  Sometimes I take them down.  Other times, the majority of times, it has nothing to do with me.  It is outside forces that cause things to be in the way of me reaching my goals.

Today for example, a broken computer is in my way. This could be the worse possible timing for it.  There is never a good time, this is just less than ideal.  It is a reality check I have to say.  I am so much more appreciative of ” It wasn’t me” road blocks.

It also, just as this picture yesterday made me think, makes me want to remove the road blocks I create myself.  It is bad enough that the world brings its own issues, I do  not need to add to them,

One really awesome thing I can say about all of this is that…

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A Memory Crisis . . . Avert Yours in Advance!


It happened on December 1, last year . . . nearly two months ago. I lost my iPhone and, even today, I have the sinking feeling of sadness and dread over this. It is not because of the money I paid for the phone, or the frustration of having to figure out how to get a replacement, or the time invested into apps that I may or not even get again.

I miss my family photos on it.

We had a very unique and special Thanksgiving weekend (just five days before I lost the darn thing.) I was heartsick that I hadn’t uploaded the photos anywhere – including the memories of our family celebrating Thanksgiving in a new place with very special family, spending time together at a Christmas tree farm where my 12 year old daughter was able to take the reins of a four horse wagon ride, the special times working on crafts with family friends and so much more.

I just knew I was going to remember some other photo that I lost . . . and this past weekend it hit me. I had the MOST awesome video of my seven year old son dancing his heart out at a birthday party we attended earlier in November. He was this crazy, wild, full of life dancer doing moves I never expected and would never even do myself! The video is gone as well and, for the first time, I had actual tears over losing my phone.

While I cope with this loss (and, I well understand, there are so many things worse that can happen in life), what really bugs me is . . . I should have known better. Smart phones, these days, have so many ways for a person to back up their photos. (iCloud, upload to my computer, Facebook would even have saved me here!)

At Pixologie, we don’t want anyone to ever go through this situation; avert the crisis in advance! Make a plan on how your photos on your phone will be recovered if you should ever lose the phone or severely damage it where you can’t access your photos/videos.

Message us if you need help with this. . . and in the meantime, I’ll keep reliving those moments in my heart.

Big Payoffs and not so typical pictures.

Beautiful shot of the harbor!



This is a very typical shot for Milwaukee if you take out the ice and the ship coming into port.  I have never seen the ice and a ship here before.  In fact I have never seen a ship coming into port here.  This is not actually the port area.  What it is though is the entrance way to a rather large company that has a dock for a ship this size right outside the back door.

It was happenstance that I was in the area on a Sunday afternoon.  I had a meeting with the printer for the show in April.  His studio is right in this area.  I never miss a chance to go to this spot when I am in the area.  Imagine my delight upon seeing this.  I love working for the POD. I never moan and groan about having to work for it.  I will…

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Brrr. . . It’s Cold Outside, Let Memories Warm You Up!

Cold, hot chocolate & a memory I won't forget because I had my camera with me!

This is a photo I took a couple of days ago – it was 7 degrees out and my seven year old, Alex, wanted to go sledding and tubing really bad. However, he took one ride down too many. As he left the hill, he placed the inner tube on the pile and began walking away, but then looked back for me.

I gave him my hot chocolate and took this photo. He said to me in a shaking, shivering voice, “I am not real stable,” and he hobbled inside. His feet were very, very cold – but it was his expression here that made my heart melt. Alex is a rough and tumble, talking back, trouble making boy normally – but in this moment, he was my baby again!

Without this photo, I absolutely know I would not remember this moment years from now. Can you think of moments you have gotten a snapshot of – that warms your heart? While the weather stays extremely chilly out these next few days – pull out your photo albums and enjoy smiling and laughing at some of your best moments, and maybe even some of the not so good ones!

If you need help figuring out a place to start with getting some of your more recent photos in an album, let us know at Pixologie. We have a great “Pixguide to Getting Organized” flyer to share with you. Email us at

And stay warm!