Yep, We Wanted a Photo Shoot!


One week ago, co-founders Mollie Bartelt and Ann Matuszak enjoyed some time at the Pixologie Studio in Oak Creek to have a photo shoot with Rosie Hartmann. Below is her blog from our morning together! And great tips if you ever want to schedule a photographer to do your own photo shoot!

So You Want a Photo Shoot?

By Rosie Hartmann

Friday I had one of my most successful shoots ever. My sister was the “client”. She wanted a professional looking shoot for business purposes. She came prepared, there are many things that mean prepared for a shoot.

In this case she was willing, had a clear idea in her head that we discussed beforehand and she came dressed for success. She had a clear set of ideas. Last but not least she worked it.

On my part, I knew with the look she wanted I would have to shoot technically in a way I do not normally shoot. We both adapted to her needs.

I have always looked at being a photographer as it is my job to deliver what the client wants. That has always meant I needed to figure out what they want. Most clients do not have the mindset my sister did. I have never really had that before. It was magical. So if you ever want a really amazing shoot this is what I recommend.


Like your photographer. If you do not like the photographer they are not right for you. Have a clear idea of what you are looking for i.e. portrait, business, casual, candid etc. Dress the part. If you look good you will feel good. If you feel good you will look good. That translates so well to the camera. Not all photographers are going to take instruction well.  They think they are the expert. I am no expert on you, so please speak up! That one point right there is an important thing to discuss with a photographer before you use them!

Lastly, I think everyone should do a shoot. I am no different. I set the camera and had my sister do some shots of me. One is below. I also scheduled my own professional shoot. It is March 7th. I am sure that will be a blog down the line as well.


Rosie’s Website:


I can’t do it. I just can’t.

Confessions from professional photographer, artist and our business consultant, Rosie

I Can't Do It!

NOTE: Photo taken by someone who is NOT a professional photographer!

Original at:

Photo organization, I can’t do it.  It is really funny actually. Most artists do not like the business side of working within the different avenues of the art world. They find it horrifying. They can look at their pictures and get them tagged, filed and findable. With the software today like Picasa, where you can easily use the face finder function and tag people it has gotten so much easier.

Me? I would rather work on the business side then organize and tag pictures. You may as well just apply the most de-motivated poster to me. It’s ironic that the business I do the most consulting for is a photo organization business.


It is also humorous that I choose the water drop oldie but goodie picture for yesterday. One week I shot over 1,500 pictures a day in search of the perfect method to get water drop pictures.  I was obsessed. Yet, I could not even spend 3 hours on organizing all of those shots yesterday.

I can’t organize this mess. I have over 115,000 shots in my library.  That number is where I stopped counting. I have filled almost a terabyte of space with pictures. So in the spirit of giving up, I am going to go paint my kitchen cabinets black now.  If I am lucky, while I am doing that my sister will come over and take control of my photo mess.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Pixologie to the rescue, hang tight, don’t despair – Rosie! We’ve got your back – and anyone else who needs help with their photo chaos!

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Photo Restoration – Guest Blogger

We are lucky to have a guest blogger who happens to be a local Milwaukee artist right here . . . enjoy this blog reposted from Rosie Hartmann – who does Pixologie’s photo restoration!
photo restoration blog

I was so absorbed reading this book about photo restoration that I kinda took my picture of the day (POD) late and it was of the book. I get obsessive, I admit it.  With the dabbling I have been doing in photo restoration I find a peace and tranquility.  I can’t explain how soothing I find it to work on the restorations. I never expected that.

I do not like clinical things with my art or photography.  Restoring old photos is very clinical. It started out with wondering if I could do a restoration. Now, it is turning into something more. I thought about this a bit. I wondered why I would like this kind of work so much. Moreover I wondered why I found some peace doing it.

This is what I came up with; It’s kind of like rebuilding and restoring yourself. You need to be careful to keep the integrity of the original picture just as I need to keep the core parts of what makes me, me. I think with any trials and tribulations we have seeing ourselves get repaired is often not a peaceful process yet there is peace in it.

For more information about Rosie, her own blog & her art website, go to:


A great friend to Pixologie, this amazing photographer reached 1000 days of posting “A Photo A Day.” She also broke her wrist the day before the scheduled 100oth photo shoot! We admire her plunk, determination and consistency!!!



It was tough but I got it. Today I am working on getting into a hand specialist. At one point not having use of my right hand was my greatest fear. Not anymore, it happened and I am surviving it. It seems like this is the week to prove to myself that indeed I have conquered some of the bigger fears I had at one point or another. I will take that as a success.

In addition that group in the picture … Holy Amazing group of people!

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6 Benefits to Organizing Your Photos


Pixologie welcomes this guest blog from Certified Organizer Coach Tiffany Lynn Lepp!

“Organize my photos.”

There it was.

For the fifth consecutive year, “organize my photos”, made it to the top of my New Year’s resolution.

Year five was the year I did actually organize my photos.

It was also the year I achieved my coaching certification.

The fact that I organized my photos and achieved my coaching certification in the same year are not a coincidence.

My coaching instructor said, “in order to be a great coach you have to know who you are, how you show up, what’s important to you, and why!”

So, for the first part of the program all we did was figure out these questions for ourselves.

It’s because I finally knew my WHY that I was able to complete my photo organization project.

BEFORE, I wanted to organize my photos because:

  • I felt like I should.
  • I wanted to have them in pretty containers.
  • I wanted to find them easier.
  • I wanted the extra space in my home.

These are all very good reasons, but they weren’t good enough for me to put in the work.

Once I spent a significant about of time studying myself and creating my values I could finally come up with reasons as to why organizing my photos were important:

  • Photos are an expression of love.
  • Photos evoke self-reflection
  • Photos remind us to be grateful.
  • Photos celebrate life.
  • Photos make history.
  • Photos give hope.

Photos are an Expression of Love. My wedding scrapbook. The photo book I made for my uncle. The birthday video for my mom. These are all an expression of my love for others. Before my photos were organized I would resent these projects because of the work involved. But, now that they are organized I look forward to creating these “love works.” My uncle tells me that he looks at the photo book every morning and smiles. No other gift could have made an impact that like the photo book. That is love.

Photos Evoke Self-Reflection. We can learn a lot about ourselves when we pause and consider our upbringing. Looking at photos creates that pause. When we know why we are the way we are and why we do the things we do it makes changing what we don’t like about ourselves easier. Most of us are so busy running from one thing to the next that we told give ourselves permission to stop and become aware. Photos create awareness.

Photos Remind us to be Grateful. Life is messy. Most of us can’t forget the hard times, but can’t remember the blessings in our lives. Chances are we have boxes and boxes of memories to be grateful for. When we are feeling depressed, worthless, or ungrateful look at your photos and praise God for the many blessings we have been given.

Photos Celebrate Life and Comfort Us. Photo help us celebrate special occasions. They also help us remember and celebrate the live’s of those who have passed away from this earth. Sometimes, there is no greater comfort than a photo of someone we love. This is why so many soldiers in the field have photos with them.

Photos Make History. Going through my photos there were many faces I didn’t recognize. I am blessed that I still have parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles to turn to for help in identifying those pictured. But, I know this will not always be the case. Pull out the photos you might need help with first and get other family members involved before too much time passes.

Photos give hope. There are times in our life when we question what we are doing on this earth. We question our purpose. We question our accomplishments, achievements, and choices. When you feel in despair, pull out your photos. I recall a time in my life when I was feeling purposelessness. I felt like I hadn’t achieved what I wanted to by a certain age. As I was going through my photos it brought me hope to know that I didn’t waste my time, but was going in the right direction even though there were a few detours.

If you have disorganized photos, reframe your thinking. Don’t see them as “just another thing to do.” Instead see them as: love, self-discovery, gratitude, celebration, history, and hope. With this way of thinking, you will surely get excited about organizing your photos.

Now it’s your turn. How can you get excited about organizing your photos?


TiffanyLynnLepp MASTER_Tiffany_Lepp_Logo

Tiffany Lynn Lepp is a Christian Organizer Coach, Certified Organizer Coach®, and Certified Professional Organizer®. She coaches women on how to live a less cluttered and more Christ centered life. She does this through her one-on-one and group Simplification Coaching Programs. Visit her online at


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Things that get in my way.

A beautiful photo and post from a Pixologie friend. . .



Blockades get in my way.  Sometimes I put them up.  Sometimes I take them down.  Other times, the majority of times, it has nothing to do with me.  It is outside forces that cause things to be in the way of me reaching my goals.

Today for example, a broken computer is in my way. This could be the worse possible timing for it.  There is never a good time, this is just less than ideal.  It is a reality check I have to say.  I am so much more appreciative of ” It wasn’t me” road blocks.

It also, just as this picture yesterday made me think, makes me want to remove the road blocks I create myself.  It is bad enough that the world brings its own issues, I do  not need to add to them,

One really awesome thing I can say about all of this is that…

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Big Payoffs and not so typical pictures.

Beautiful shot of the harbor!



This is a very typical shot for Milwaukee if you take out the ice and the ship coming into port.  I have never seen the ice and a ship here before.  In fact I have never seen a ship coming into port here.  This is not actually the port area.  What it is though is the entrance way to a rather large company that has a dock for a ship this size right outside the back door.

It was happenstance that I was in the area on a Sunday afternoon.  I had a meeting with the printer for the show in April.  His studio is right in this area.  I never miss a chance to go to this spot when I am in the area.  Imagine my delight upon seeing this.  I love working for the POD. I never moan and groan about having to work for it.  I will…

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A Journey Through A Photo A Day

Photos matter . . . Through experiences with close family members, we have watched the devastation that Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia can do to a person’s memory. Statistics show that most everyone has been touched by Alzheimer’s or . . . will be in the coming years.

We have seen personally the value of sharing a family history through historical albums, family photos as well as watching videos of times gone by. Eyes light up, conversations starts and something magical happens when memories start triggering parts of the brain that are struggling to make sense of current life.

Pixologie’s mission includes connecting generations, saving traditions and values and preserving stories . . . and helping those who have been affected by Alzheimer’s is core to our mission. We invite you to join us in supporting the Alzheimer’s Association with a very special event – called A Journey A Photo A Day.


Photo albums in the hands a patient struggling with losing memories are a precious thing. At our event we will talk about how photos give individuals and families a wonderful tool to remember and share the best parts of a person’s life.

We invite you to join with us in this journey and help support the work of the Alzheimer’s Association with individuals, families and professionals.