Yep, We Wanted a Photo Shoot!


One week ago, co-founders Mollie Bartelt and Ann Matuszak enjoyed some time at the Pixologie Studio in Oak Creek to have a photo shoot with Rosie Hartmann. Below is her blog from our morning together! And great tips if you ever want to schedule a photographer to do your own photo shoot!

So You Want a Photo Shoot?

By Rosie Hartmann

Friday I had one of my most successful shoots ever. My sister was the “client”. She wanted a professional looking shoot for business purposes. She came prepared, there are many things that mean prepared for a shoot.

In this case she was willing, had a clear idea in her head that we discussed beforehand and she came dressed for success. She had a clear set of ideas. Last but not least she worked it.

On my part, I knew with the look she wanted I would have to shoot technically in a way I do not normally shoot. We both adapted to her needs.

I have always looked at being a photographer as it is my job to deliver what the client wants. That has always meant I needed to figure out what they want. Most clients do not have the mindset my sister did. I have never really had that before. It was magical. So if you ever want a really amazing shoot this is what I recommend.


Like your photographer. If you do not like the photographer they are not right for you. Have a clear idea of what you are looking for i.e. portrait, business, casual, candid etc. Dress the part. If you look good you will feel good. If you feel good you will look good. That translates so well to the camera. Not all photographers are going to take instruction well.  They think they are the expert. I am no expert on you, so please speak up! That one point right there is an important thing to discuss with a photographer before you use them!

Lastly, I think everyone should do a shoot. I am no different. I set the camera and had my sister do some shots of me. One is below. I also scheduled my own professional shoot. It is March 7th. I am sure that will be a blog down the line as well.


Rosie’s Website:


Don’t Make This Mistake – Holiday Lights Tour!!!


Two Caveats to This Holiday Lights Post:

  1. Rosie Hartmann is the photographer of all these holiday light photos.
  2. I would have used my iPhone photos – her photos just look better! :  )

Fellow Pixologie gal Rosie and I hit the road on Wednesday night with my thirteen year old daughter Hannah to see the best holiday lights of Racine. And did we see some great light shows and displays!

Here’s a photo from the Jamestown Lights – one local couple who put on this show every year – and the holiday music they had on their “radio station” was fun. And, they have a view across a pond which makes it even more beautiful to watch.

10392434_757201394327270_6438302903027805729_n-2Here it comes the mistake I made. We had such a fun time, and I always try to take a photo with me or Rosie and my daughter when we go out together. And I forgot.

Then, two hours later, I made my husband get in the car with my eight years old son Alex, and we went to see it again! The photo of dad and son enjoying the light show? Doesn’t exist, because I forgot.

The moral of the story?

  1. The photos of the lights will never actually capture the full experience of seeing them in person.
  2. The best parts of the night were time spent with Rosie, Hannah, my husband and Alex. Unless I write the stories down from the evening, I will not remember them.
  3. Don’t forget to even take just one photo with your family when you are out doing something fun and taking photos of holiday lights!


Racine County Zoo Light Displays were beautiful and several blocks long – no photo of my daughter who loved all of it!


Jellystone Campground Christmas Celebration Light Show – over 15 million lights!!! We were blown away by all the magical things they did with lights. The photo above is just a snippet of an amazing half hour car tour through the grounds. Photo of my daughter, Rosie or I – who oohed and aahed the whole way through? Doesn’t exist!

Too often, as we help people sort through their photos, we see way too many pictures of scenery and too few of the family in the scenery. Our clients aren’t saving the majority of their scenery photographs. They want the photos of the people they were with.

So – I am thinking, okay, this weekend, we’ll get back in the car and I’ll get that photo of Hannah or Alex going to see the lights. (Yes, I know, it probably won’t even be a great one, in the dark with a flash, but I’ll have a photo of this new family tradition we started!)

I can’t do it. I just can’t.

Confessions from professional photographer, artist and our business consultant, Rosie

I Can't Do It!

NOTE: Photo taken by someone who is NOT a professional photographer!

Original at:

Photo organization, I can’t do it.  It is really funny actually. Most artists do not like the business side of working within the different avenues of the art world. They find it horrifying. They can look at their pictures and get them tagged, filed and findable. With the software today like Picasa, where you can easily use the face finder function and tag people it has gotten so much easier.

Me? I would rather work on the business side then organize and tag pictures. You may as well just apply the most de-motivated poster to me. It’s ironic that the business I do the most consulting for is a photo organization business.


It is also humorous that I choose the water drop oldie but goodie picture for yesterday. One week I shot over 1,500 pictures a day in search of the perfect method to get water drop pictures.  I was obsessed. Yet, I could not even spend 3 hours on organizing all of those shots yesterday.

I can’t organize this mess. I have over 115,000 shots in my library.  That number is where I stopped counting. I have filled almost a terabyte of space with pictures. So in the spirit of giving up, I am going to go paint my kitchen cabinets black now.  If I am lucky, while I am doing that my sister will come over and take control of my photo mess.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Pixologie to the rescue, hang tight, don’t despair – Rosie! We’ve got your back – and anyone else who needs help with their photo chaos!

Call us at 414-731-1881

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When Did You Last Look at Your Photos from 2013?

family album with DVD

Remember 2013? Hmm. . . if someone asked me straight out what was great about last year, I truly don’t know what I would say. Life is so busy, I can’t remember last week much less over a year ago.

This is a shame, because my family has amazingly fun memories to share and celebrate together. So I tried out something new – making a digital photo album with just my 2013 photos in it. See the photo above.

I’m holding the photobook open to our 2013 Hartmann Family Reunion pictures. Look at Alex holding that basketball – he’d won it in our famous brown bag auction and wasn’t going to let anyone take it away from him!

Check out a few more pages . . . I really have to say, my eyes tear up when I think about all the blessings my family has had. Below are photos from New Year’s Eve at my dear friend Tammy’s house – was so much fun. My husband was a nurse at the time and had to work the night shift – so my kids and I had an absolute blast with Tammy, friends, neighbors and a whole houseful of kids.

Bartelt Family Pixologie 2013 - Page 002

Oh my goodness, 2013 was the year we drove to Yellowstone National Park – oh the sites we saw. My book has four pages and 24 photos that capture the best of the best moments from that trip. And my kids had such an adventure. We highly recommend Yellowstone for your next summer vacation!

Thin Borders

Then there’s the holidays. . . I have about four pages of holiday photos, just enough to capture the essence of celebrating Christmas with the family. This is the first page of December memories with me and the kids making Christmas cookies and photos of snow – and our crazy dog Tillie jumping to catch snow flung at her!

Bartelt Family Pixologie 2013 - Page 042

I love that my family has a physical book to look through and see how much fun and adventure we have together.

How would you feel showing a book like this to show your children, family and friends with your best moments of 2013?

You can experience it yourself – with the Pixologie Digital Family Photo Album with DVD. After showing this concept to people, overwhelmingly, the consensus was that we should continue making these books for others who want to celebrate and share the best stories of their lives!

Click here to learn more –

To order a Digital Family Photo Album with DVD  –

Who Goes to Thailand Alone?

Pixologie Co-Founder Mollie Bartelt’s sister does!

Accomplished photographer and artist, Rosie Hartmann traveled to Thailand in February 2013 to experience a thrilling solo adventure where there was no turning back (to safe Bay View, Wisconsin!)

Rosie is my sister. As she shared beautiful photos of Thailand on Facebook during that trip, she delighted us all with the mysteriousness of that far land; foreign lifestyle and sampling of beautiful color the Thai culture offers the senses. 

Thailand - Page 054

So, we saw maybe 100 photos that she posted during her week. And then, all 2200 photos that she took stayed hidden on a hard drive for the next 18 months. Then, Rosie gave Pixologie her hard drive and we designed a book – no words necessary for this one.

Thailand - Page 001

Last night, she picked up her book – and as she turned pages, the stories just flowed out of her. Flowers, food, expensive Coca Cola, panda bears, buddhas and so much more. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show everyone the final product – since most people had stopped asking when they’d get to see all of her Thailand pictures.


Please go to our Facebook page and enjoy the pages and experiences of Thailand that Rosie brought back for us all. And. . . come into our studio to see a copy. The images bring out many emotions in all of us who look through Rosie’s work.

Thank you for sharing your trip Rosie!

Thailand by Rosie Hartmann – View on Facebook!

Rosie Hartmann, Artist & Photographer Website:

And. . . if you have photos from an amazing vacation – don’t let them sit on your computer! Call us: 414-690-0791 or email:


Fantastic Vacation Photos? Don’t bet on your phone or Facebook being the place to store those memories!


Capturing City Center at Dusk in Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! I just finished an amazing trip out to Nevada’s hottest spot (literally!) where the day offers beautiful scenic day trips and the nightlife is loud, eye-popping and colorful. Truly a great girls trip to celebrate one turning 40, we took nearly 500 photos!


Some of our best moments . . .
  • Checking out the Fremont Street Experience
  • Trekking around Charleston Mountain
  • Conquering the Strip
  • Traveling through the Valley of Fire
  • Sweating it out at Hoover Dam


As a professional photo organizer, I loved all the opportunities to take pictures of these spots with my traditional digital camera. My girlfriends, by comparison, spent some of their photographic time composing selfies with their smartphones.
Such an interesting contrast of how we wanted to capture our vacation. And I learned a lot about how my friends manage their photos.  Here’s what I found fascinating as I know many other people have similar habits:
  • Smartphones are their photo home. One of my friends actually pulled up a photo on her phone from her last Vegas trip which was several years ago.
  • Facebook is another home of their photos. My other friend was hoping I could upload my photos so they posted on her timeline. As hard as I tried to get my album up so that it would be on her timeline, I couldn’t figure it out. In order to make it work, she took screen shots of my Facebook album to make her own album to post.
  • Each of them have an iPhone with a PhotoStream to make the sharing process much easier – but they (as many do) found it confusing to access and navigate.
I know that we are bombarded with photo apps and social media opportunities to share our fun memories. And in the short term, this is great. We loved for our friends and family to track what we experienced on our trip.
For the long term, I wouldn’t want to bet on smartphones and social media to be the place where I go to find my photos and enjoy the memories.
Here’s my few suggestions on how to manage your photos once so that the sharing, celebrating and remembering is accomplished all at once!
  1. Take your wonderful photos (all of them – both on smartphone and camera) Delete the ones you don’t want.
  2. Download the photos to your computer – save in a consistent place (Mac – iPhoto; PC – Windows Explorer)
  3. Review again and delete unneeded photos
  4. Then share to your social media, order prints, etc. and enjoy.
I would love to help you with your photo questions. Feel free to email me at and let’s get your memories in a better place!
In the meantime, enjoy this final selfie of the three of us – it’s my favorite from the whole trip!

I love this selfie of all us three gals!


A great friend to Pixologie, this amazing photographer reached 1000 days of posting “A Photo A Day.” She also broke her wrist the day before the scheduled 100oth photo shoot! We admire her plunk, determination and consistency!!!



It was tough but I got it. Today I am working on getting into a hand specialist. At one point not having use of my right hand was my greatest fear. Not anymore, it happened and I am surviving it. It seems like this is the week to prove to myself that indeed I have conquered some of the bigger fears I had at one point or another. I will take that as a success.

In addition that group in the picture … Holy Amazing group of people!

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Things that get in my way.

A beautiful photo and post from a Pixologie friend. . .



Blockades get in my way.  Sometimes I put them up.  Sometimes I take them down.  Other times, the majority of times, it has nothing to do with me.  It is outside forces that cause things to be in the way of me reaching my goals.

Today for example, a broken computer is in my way. This could be the worse possible timing for it.  There is never a good time, this is just less than ideal.  It is a reality check I have to say.  I am so much more appreciative of ” It wasn’t me” road blocks.

It also, just as this picture yesterday made me think, makes me want to remove the road blocks I create myself.  It is bad enough that the world brings its own issues, I do  not need to add to them,

One really awesome thing I can say about all of this is that…

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Big Payoffs and not so typical pictures.

Beautiful shot of the harbor!



This is a very typical shot for Milwaukee if you take out the ice and the ship coming into port.  I have never seen the ice and a ship here before.  In fact I have never seen a ship coming into port here.  This is not actually the port area.  What it is though is the entrance way to a rather large company that has a dock for a ship this size right outside the back door.

It was happenstance that I was in the area on a Sunday afternoon.  I had a meeting with the printer for the show in April.  His studio is right in this area.  I never miss a chance to go to this spot when I am in the area.  Imagine my delight upon seeing this.  I love working for the POD. I never moan and groan about having to work for it.  I will…

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A Journey Through A Photo A Day

Photos matter . . . Through experiences with close family members, we have watched the devastation that Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia can do to a person’s memory. Statistics show that most everyone has been touched by Alzheimer’s or . . . will be in the coming years.

We have seen personally the value of sharing a family history through historical albums, family photos as well as watching videos of times gone by. Eyes light up, conversations starts and something magical happens when memories start triggering parts of the brain that are struggling to make sense of current life.

Pixologie’s mission includes connecting generations, saving traditions and values and preserving stories . . . and helping those who have been affected by Alzheimer’s is core to our mission. We invite you to join us in supporting the Alzheimer’s Association with a very special event – called A Journey A Photo A Day.


Photo albums in the hands a patient struggling with losing memories are a precious thing. At our event we will talk about how photos give individuals and families a wonderful tool to remember and share the best parts of a person’s life.

We invite you to join with us in this journey and help support the work of the Alzheimer’s Association with individuals, families and professionals.