Brrr. . . It’s Cold Outside, Let Memories Warm You Up!

Cold, hot chocolate & a memory I won't forget because I had my camera with me!

This is a photo I took a couple of days ago – it was 7 degrees out and my seven year old, Alex, wanted to go sledding and tubing really bad. However, he took one ride down too many. As he left the hill, he placed the inner tube on the pile and began walking away, but then looked back for me.

I gave him my hot chocolate and took this photo. He said to me in a shaking, shivering voice, “I am not real stable,” and he hobbled inside. His feet were very, very cold – but it was his expression here that made my heart melt. Alex is a rough and tumble, talking back, trouble making boy normally – but in this moment, he was my baby again!

Without this photo, I absolutely know I would not remember this moment years from now. Can you think of moments you have gotten a snapshot of – that warms your heart? While the weather stays extremely chilly out these next few days – pull out your photo albums and enjoy smiling and laughing at some of your best moments, and maybe even some of the not so good ones!

If you need help figuring out a place to start with getting some of your more recent photos in an album, let us know at Pixologie. We have a great “Pixguide to Getting Organized” flyer to share with you. Email us at

And stay warm!

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