How Many Boating Photos Do You Have?

And When Is the Last Time You Looked at Them?


Growing up in Wisconsin with our dad an avid outdoorsmen, my sister and I were out on the lake many times in a boat. And I know there are photos of us in lots of different types of boats. The raft, canoe, the “deep V” boat, the paddleboat, the johnny boat and more.

When I met my husband in the early 90s, he introduced me to sailboat racing and my boating world expanded to catamarans, restored wooden sailboats, performance racing sleds and more.

Recently, while on vacation, my nine year old son went out on a kayak for the first time and he did it on his own. . . something I haven’t done. So proud of him!

I wouldn’t even be thinking about boating at all, except that I came across the photo of Alex in the kayak on Facebook. Looking back at that memory, I realized something is currently missing from my family’s crazy, hectic life.

A lifetime tradition of being out on the water has not been part of our summer experiences over the past few years. We’ve had a sailboat in our garage for this whole time too!!

When we don’t look back at photos of the things we’ve done, we are missing opportunities to reminisce together, renew enthusiasm for past, forgotten experiences and pass traditions on to our children.

Thankfully, we have a whole month nearly left of summer and I think its time we haul the boat out to the lake!

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