A Memory Crisis . . . Avert Yours in Advance!


It happened on December 1, last year . . . nearly two months ago. I lost my iPhone and, even today, I have the sinking feeling of sadness and dread over this. It is not because of the money I paid for the phone, or the frustration of having to figure out how to get a replacement, or the time invested into apps that I may or not even get again.

I miss my family photos on it.

We had a very unique and special Thanksgiving weekend (just five days before I lost the darn thing.) I was heartsick that I hadn’t uploaded the photos anywhere – including the memories of our family celebrating Thanksgiving in a new place with very special family, spending time together at a Christmas tree farm where my 12 year old daughter was able to take the reins of a four horse wagon ride, the special times working on crafts with family friends and so much more.

I just knew I was going to remember some other photo that I lost . . . and this past weekend it hit me. I had the MOST awesome video of my seven year old son dancing his heart out at a birthday party we attended earlier in November. He was this crazy, wild, full of life dancer doing moves I never expected and would never even do myself! The video is gone as well and, for the first time, I had actual tears over losing my phone.

While I cope with this loss (and, I well understand, there are so many things worse that can happen in life), what really bugs me is . . . I should have known better. Smart phones, these days, have so many ways for a person to back up their photos. (iCloud, upload to my computer, Facebook would even have saved me here!)

At Pixologie, we don’t want anyone to ever go through this situation; avert the crisis in advance! Make a plan on how your photos on your phone will be recovered if you should ever lose the phone or severely damage it where you can’t access your photos/videos.

Message us if you need help with this. . . and in the meantime, I’ll keep reliving those moments in my heart.

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