Your Photos Are Calling You . . .

Tray 17-9

. . . And they want to remind you of so many things!

Truly, in our stacks of printed photos and countless stashes of digital photos, special things are happening:

  • The road trip to Florida back in 1962, hanging out at the beach!
  • A daughter’s six birthday where she got her ears pierced for the first time (YES, that’s a milestone!)
  • The seventh annual family reunion where cousin Mike spent $30 on a white elephant auction for an old raggedy ann doll (Okay, we need to know that story!!!)
  • A 1918 photo of your great grandfather sitting on his vintage (well, it wasn’t vintage back then) Harley Davidson
  • The annual trip to California with the kids to visit grandparents (Wow, look at how the kids grew in between trips!)
  • Family members who have passed away – are smiling and enjoying life

We hear so often from our clients and people we talk with about how they want to work on organizing their photos, get them printed and in albums to enjoy. The common denominator is. . . “I just don’t have the time.”

The truth is this . . . there will never be enough time to spend time with photos and memories. . . unless we DECIDE to DEDICATE the time. By dedicating, we mean “I will work on my photos and nothing will interrupt me, not the kids, not the phone, not the laundry.” 

That is where Pixologie comes in . . . with weekend retreats where all you will have is DEDICATED time to put your photos in order, make albums and preserve memories! No matter what format you use to do this, Pixologie will be there throughout the weekend helping, cheering and working with you on these projects!


Retreat to Phantom Ranch, Mukwonago, WI – Friday, March 14, 2014, 4 pm through Sunday, March 16, 2014, 11 am

Pixologie is pleased to invite all gals who need some downtime away from the family to get their photo and video projects done in a beautiful location. While there is no cooking, no cleaning, no children clamoring for attention, this is a RUSTIC getaway with accommodations in cabins complete with bunkbeds and newly renovated bathrooms.

Join us for the weekend where you can work on your projects all night; enjoy beautiful outdoor walks, go for a horseback ride, get a massage, share and get ideas from other women working on their projects and much, much more. This is a great getaway for working on organization, scanning, digital books, scrapbooks and more.

$150 includes lodging, five home cooked meals and Pixologie’s co-founders, Mollie and Ann to help you on your projects when needed. We have a fun bunch of gals who have joined us for the last five years and we promise a great time! Click here to register.