It’s Our Very First Press Conference – September 7

Your Help Is Needed in Spreading the Word to Find Allis-Chalmers Friends and Former Employees!  Know someone in the media? Share this press release below!

1962 Allis-Chalmers - Family Photo with a story


Pixologie is helping the Charles Allis Art Museum save photos and stories of the Allis Family and their impact in Milwaukee. We are holding a press conference to help spread the word!

Milwaukee’s history was greatly impacted by the Charles Allis family in the 1900s through the 1980s. Many of the people who worked at Allis Chalmers or who visited the Charles Allis Art Museum have photos and stories from those years and the Charles Allis Art Museum wants to preserve those stories at our special event “Through the Years With Charles Allis” on September 12.

Press Conference Date: Monday, September 7, 10 am

Where: Charles Allis Art Museum – 1801 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

Who Will Be There

  • John Sterr, Executive Director, Charles Allis Art Museum
  • Carol Lemanczyk, Daughter of Two Allis-Chalmer retirees (see photo) with her parent’s story
  • Mollie Bartelt and Ann Matuszak – Photo organization and archiving experts, Pixologie

What: Charles Allis Art Museum is Hosting “Through the Years” on September 12 to save the photos of both the art museum and Allis Chalmers Company. Attendees are to bring their own personal photos they may have of the art museum and the company. These photos will be scanned and returned while the digital copy will be put into a historical archive so that future generations may know the impact the Allis family has had in Milwaukee.

Why: September is the month of “International Save Your Photos Day” and local business Pixologie has partnered with Charles Allis Museum to highlight the importance of photos in celebrating the history of our community as well as the importance of preserving photos now, before elements and time erase those stories forever.

Click here for more details about Through the Years With Charles Allis Event!


Contact: Mollie Bartelt

cell phone: 414-899-4221


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