It’s Time to Save Your Photos This Saturday!

Check Out Your Local Partners in Preserving Your Memories!

SYPD Graphic 2015

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, we are thrilled to be hosting our second annual Save Your Photos Day event with Rely Local. Come to our Open House . . . 

  • Hear about the importance of saving your memories for future generations
  • Visit different stations to see how Pixologie saves old photos and media
  • Learn more about how to organize and save your photos
  • Check out Rely Local who will be there also with a very fun guest!
  • Get 50 FREE photos scanned – bring in your photos (8×10 or smaller, flat and no copyrighted portraits) for free scanning.

RSVP on Facebook, by calling 414-731-1881 or email us at

Working with a local photo organizer provides much reassurance to families who want to digitize their pictures so they can share the memories with other members in their families. We handle your treasured photos and materials with care and expertise, most of the work is completed right in our studio, so you know your memories are safe. With a  local option  available, there is no reason to be overwhelmed by a photos mess!

Research suggests that the sheer volume and lack of organization of digital photos for personal memories discourages many people from accessing and reminiscing about them. (Linda Henkel, Psychological Scientist)

Rely Local is helping us to spread the word – they know that supporting local businesses helps stimulate our area’s economy especially in their focus area of city of Oak Creek and counties of Racine and Kenosha, Wisconsin – and creates a stable and vibrant community. We are grateful for their help in promoting our event.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.46.08 PM

Not in Southeastern Wisconsin? There may be a Save Your Photos Day event near you. Click here to learn more about the Save Your Photos Alliance and other locations of SYPD events.

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It’s Our Very First Press Conference – September 7

Your Help Is Needed in Spreading the Word to Find Allis-Chalmers Friends and Former Employees!  Know someone in the media? Share this press release below!

1962 Allis-Chalmers - Family Photo with a story


Pixologie is helping the Charles Allis Art Museum save photos and stories of the Allis Family and their impact in Milwaukee. We are holding a press conference to help spread the word!

Milwaukee’s history was greatly impacted by the Charles Allis family in the 1900s through the 1980s. Many of the people who worked at Allis Chalmers or who visited the Charles Allis Art Museum have photos and stories from those years and the Charles Allis Art Museum wants to preserve those stories at our special event “Through the Years With Charles Allis” on September 12.

Press Conference Date: Monday, September 7, 10 am

Where: Charles Allis Art Museum – 1801 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

Who Will Be There

  • John Sterr, Executive Director, Charles Allis Art Museum
  • Carol Lemanczyk, Daughter of Two Allis-Chalmer retirees (see photo) with her parent’s story
  • Mollie Bartelt and Ann Matuszak – Photo organization and archiving experts, Pixologie

What: Charles Allis Art Museum is Hosting “Through the Years” on September 12 to save the photos of both the art museum and Allis Chalmers Company. Attendees are to bring their own personal photos they may have of the art museum and the company. These photos will be scanned and returned while the digital copy will be put into a historical archive so that future generations may know the impact the Allis family has had in Milwaukee.

Why: September is the month of “International Save Your Photos Day” and local business Pixologie has partnered with Charles Allis Museum to highlight the importance of photos in celebrating the history of our community as well as the importance of preserving photos now, before elements and time erase those stories forever.

Click here for more details about Through the Years With Charles Allis Event!


Contact: Mollie Bartelt

cell phone: 414-899-4221


Two-for-One Super Slide Challenge

Argus Slide Changer

Got slides you need to transfer yet? Hopefully, they are the traditional 35mm slides which are the least expensive to digitize. We thought you’d be interested in seeing two of the more time consuming types of slides we have come across. And in the photo above, it is a two for one challenge!

Anyone remember having an Argus Slide Projector? Not your grandpa’s Kodak Carousel by far. The above photo shows a magazine of slides for the Argus Slide Projector and a sample slide in the metal frame used to feed the slide projector. Well, the projector is long gone, but the slides remain in the pesky metal frames in the magazine.

Next – note the slide in the metal frame, that is not a typical 35mm slide. It is a Super Slide 127 and requires a professional grade scanner. While the size is the same as a 35mm slide, the photo takes up most of the slide and most 35mm slide scanners will cut off portions of the image.

When we have clients bring us this type of slide, we have to account for the time it takes to remove the slides from the magazine and metal frames and return after scanning (if the client chooses to have them put back – but please don’t ask for that!)

If you have these types of slide (Super Slide or encased in the frame), the cost can be three to four times that of scanning a typical 35mm slide.

Please let us know if you have any questions on types of slides – we’d be glad to help!

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How Many Boating Photos Do You Have?

And When Is the Last Time You Looked at Them?


Growing up in Wisconsin with our dad an avid outdoorsmen, my sister and I were out on the lake many times in a boat. And I know there are photos of us in lots of different types of boats. The raft, canoe, the “deep V” boat, the paddleboat, the johnny boat and more.

When I met my husband in the early 90s, he introduced me to sailboat racing and my boating world expanded to catamarans, restored wooden sailboats, performance racing sleds and more.

Recently, while on vacation, my nine year old son went out on a kayak for the first time and he did it on his own. . . something I haven’t done. So proud of him!

I wouldn’t even be thinking about boating at all, except that I came across the photo of Alex in the kayak on Facebook. Looking back at that memory, I realized something is currently missing from my family’s crazy, hectic life.

A lifetime tradition of being out on the water has not been part of our summer experiences over the past few years. We’ve had a sailboat in our garage for this whole time too!!

When we don’t look back at photos of the things we’ve done, we are missing opportunities to reminisce together, renew enthusiasm for past, forgotten experiences and pass traditions on to our children.

Thankfully, we have a whole month nearly left of summer and I think its time we haul the boat out to the lake!

We’d love to see some of your boating memories . . . go ahead and post on our Facebook Page!

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Photos, Life and Kids . . .

Okay, this might be a little nostalgic for a Friday, so fair warning. . .


This photo of Alex really is on my mind today . . . I took it several weeks ago at our Just Add Kids Expo where many, many vendors offered information, games and activities for stopping by at their booth. The annual JAK Expo, actually is my son’s favorite, non holiday, event of the year – he loves, loves going. . . And being involved with it is a family tradition now.

In the photo, Alex is standing next to a simple poster entitled the “Tree of Life” and all the children who walked by were able to pick a stamp color and put their thumbprint leaf on the tree. The booth we were at was Racine’s Wilson Funeral Home and owner Chris Chvilicek visited with us while we were there.  Having a conversation about that tree was interesting with Alex and Chris . . . and I loved watching Alex pick the color (which was a process of hemming and hawing!) and then adding his print to the tree.

What an amazing way for a funeral home to connect with families when so often their work comes at the end of a person’s life.

If you’ve read our blogs before, then you know how much we think photos matter in celebrating life. From photos like the one of Alex above, to the many others we collect over the years, each one tells a story.

Let us know if you need help with your photo collection!

Pixologie, helping get photos out of chaos and back into life to be celebrated and shared.

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Three Photo Tactics to Get Through Your Daughter’s Teen Years


Wow. . . my thirteen year old (going on 30) daughter really has mastered the art of the attitude. It has been a real surprise for us because she literally reached 10 before she ever talked back to us. But, now the attitude is with our family every day, maybe not 100% of the time, but every day.

PLEASE NOTE: I love my daughter who is a straight A student and fantastic girl when the attitude is hiding!

Last night, my husband asked her to help make spaghetti so she sporadically stirred the noodles with her headphones on. When he realized the spaghetti sauce was sizzling, he asked her to turn the heat down. Hannah replied, “How many things do you expect me to do at once?” He asked what she meant and she said, “I’m stirring the noodles, listening to my music and daydreaming.” When he laughed, she was offended in the way a teen can only be.

Hannah told me this morning I was disrespecting her when I asked her about it, perceiving me to be teasing her. Sigh.

Here’s what I know, in order to get through these tough teen years, I am going to have to rely on cherishing the good moments, celebrating memories and planting seeds for her future.

Here’s my mom advice on how to get through these teen years using your photos:

  1. Pull out the photos of when your daughter was younger and oh so adorable . . . and didn’t know what sarcasm was. Even better, share those photos with your daughter to laugh together about some of the things she did when she was young.
  2. Take a photo of your daughter or several – selfies do not count here. Really think about the background and enjoy a few moments with her. Then get that photo printed.
  3. Organize old photos and digital photos with your daughter. The time spent together accomplishes several things – memories are saved and celebrated, special moments without teenage friction are shared and generations are connected.
2006-11-24 083

Cute photo of Hannah on Thanksgiving Day – those years we fried a turkey in half an hour – so good. Maybe we’ll try that again this year!

And I am not alone in seeing the value of photos as a parenting tool. The Association of Personal Photo Organizers reports in their Insiders Guide to Photo Organizing:

Studies show that photos have a positive impact on families by connecting generations and reinforcing positive values. In fact, many experts agree that photos have a significant impact on the emotional wellbeing of children. Parenting and youth development expert, Doctor G (Deborah Gilboa, MD) says that “organizing and displaying photographs connects children to our families, our values and our life goals for them.”

Here’s some resources for you in this journey of watching our children grow up!

Doctor G – Parenting Expert – For parenting help!

Pixologie, Inc. – For help with photo organizing!

Growing Up Photos Will Be A Hit at Your Wedding Reception


When my husband and I got married back in 1996, digital photography was barely even hitting our radar. We had film cameras, our photographer had film cameras and we had some disposable cameras floating around. Funny to look back.

But I did know that I wanted to have some of our growing up photos on a board for people to look at and enjoy the memories. And, my friend, Jenny who was an engineer created the Precious Moments poster for us also – featuring both my husband and myself at the age of two – my husband in lederhosen and me with my hand knit hat from my Grandma Hartmann.

Here’s why you need to have your growing up photos at your wedding reception:

  1. Your guests will love looking at how little you both were – and possibly seeing some fun moments your families have had through the years.
  2. Family traditions will inevitably be captured in those photos – sharing and celebrating them helps ensure they will be passed down to next generations.
  3. Great conversations come out of looking back at memories, the joy and laughter will add to the blessings of your wedding day!

Whether playing in a dynamic photo slideshow or displayed on fun posters, your photos will be a hit!  At Pixologie, we have helped create poster boards and slideshows of photos and would love to help you with yours!

This Friday night, we will be at Elegance Salon & Spa for A Bridal Soiree and we are offering FREE SCANNING of your growing up photos for your wedding. One lucky couple will be drawn for a free photo slideshow (value of $300!)

Hope to see you there!!


A Bridal Soiree Details:

Or come and see us at Pixologie!

9803 South 13th Street, Oak Creek, WI  53154

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A Running Photo that Inspired Me!

These photos are of David Hoffman, 80 years old, who just just returned from Bermuda after competing in the Bermuda Half Marathon and Bermuda Triangle Challenge – that is THREE races in one weekend! His wife, 72 years old, did the 10K! He sent me the photo taken of him running in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, in my opinion!


As an aside, I serve on the Wisconsin Senior Olympics (WSO) Board, have for the last three years and I hear about great benefits of well-being, fitness and being active. However, being fit is not what would be used to describe me. David brought his medals, t-shirts and other fun stuff to our last meeting and I snapped that photo at the top of this blog, thinking it would inspire our WSO athletes. (See a link below, David has run a marathon in every state and on every continent – his story is great!)

But it was me that was inspired by his photo to go look at my old photos. I have had athletic achievements and fun with races . . . and I pulled these photos out to look at them again. Here’s two photos of me after completing the Danskin Mini Triathlon in 2012 – one week before I turned 40. I really did work hard for a few months to do this race. And, then proceeded to return back to my normal level of inactivity – due to a busy career and family.

Looking back, I can see I really did it and my photos make me think I could do something like this again.

DSCN9018 finished my first triathlon!

I love sharing these photos with my children so they can see the rewards of hard work and perseverance – and maybe we’ll all build a little more character as I start up exercising again and being a better, healthier role model for my children. Stay tuned!

Blog by Mollie Bartelt

Do you have any photos from races you have completed? We’d love to see them – post them on our Facebook Page –

Want to know more about David’s experience with running?

Want to know more about the Wisconsin Senior Olympics?

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so stories, values and traditions can be passed down to the next generation.

Hearts Broken in Wisconsin Today – Oh, Those Packers!

Wow – still feeling the pain of last night’s loss to the Seahawks!


Fox 6 Reporters Brian Kramp and Katrina Cravy show off “Chedlocks!!” the best new Packer accessory this season! Photo tweeted by Brian Kramp

Okay, we understand many people are upset when their favorite team loses. But I don’t know, it feels different here in Wisconsin and for us super Packer fans at Pixologie. We hurt in our heart today, seriously! (At least I didn’t go out and buy my own chedlocks, love them on our friend Katrina though!)

The Green Bay Packers are something else . . . sources of frustration, joy and an amazing amount of anxiety. My husband can’t event watch the games it is so stressful for him.

Check out this photo below – it is a photo from ten years ago – when my father-in-law was alive and my daughter would sit with him and watch the Packers. He loved them, took it very seriously and was a faithful listener (to the GBP radio broadcasters Larry McCarren and Wayne Larrivee) while watching the silent television!

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 8.01.02 AM

Then there’s my cousin Deanna and her husband Ron – so much Packer fans they actually had their wedding at Lambeau Field! Oh my – that was a thrill to be in a suite looking down at the field – even if it was empty!


Someone high up in the sky loves the Green Bay Packers too! I mean, we don’t talk about Brett Favre anymore, but back in the day, wow! Now, we have Aaron Rodgers, holy smokes!! It’s all I can say! Check out the photo below – that’s our friend Tammy Flynn, lucky gal with Aaron!! She sells Packer’s accessories at her salon so that we can all be fashionably green and golded up!


So. . . the Packers lost. We will recover from this. . . eventually.

But I absolutely love, love the traditions my family, friends and fellow Wisconsinites have because of this very special football team. And. . . we love seeing the memories in our photos over the years of what a big part of our lives the Packers have been.

Go Pack! Superbowl 2016 is NOT that far away!


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The Christmas Photo Card – 1950s Style

FullSizeRenderCheck out these Christmas photo cards sent back in the 1950s. We found these in a photo collection of one of our clients – and had to chuckle. Even back decades ago, nobody wanted to get rid of cards that included family photos.

Apparently, in the 1950s, sending a photo card for the holidays was a major expense and included having to have the portrait professionally taken and produced by a photographer.

What a treasure our photo cards will be in twenty, thirty, forty years and more! My vote is to save ’em all! :  )