Two-for-One Super Slide Challenge

Argus Slide Changer

Got slides you need to transfer yet? Hopefully, they are the traditional 35mm slides which are the least expensive to digitize. We thought you’d be interested in seeing two of the more time consuming types of slides we have come across. And in the photo above, it is a two for one challenge!

Anyone remember having an Argus Slide Projector? Not your grandpa’s Kodak Carousel by far. The above photo shows a magazine of slides for the Argus Slide Projector and a sample slide in the metal frame used to feed the slide projector. Well, the projector is long gone, but the slides remain in the pesky metal frames in the magazine.

Next – note the slide in the metal frame, that is not a typical 35mm slide. It is a Super Slide 127 and requires a professional grade scanner. While the size is the same as a 35mm slide, the photo takes up most of the slide and most 35mm slide scanners will cut off portions of the image.

When we have clients bring us this type of slide, we have to account for the time it takes to remove the slides from the magazine and metal frames and return after scanning (if the client chooses to have them put back – but please don’t ask for that!)

If you have these types of slide (Super Slide or encased in the frame), the cost can be three to four times that of scanning a typical 35mm slide.

Please let us know if you have any questions on types of slides – we’d be glad to help!

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