Growing Up Photos Will Be A Hit at Your Wedding Reception


When my husband and I got married back in 1996, digital photography was barely even hitting our radar. We had film cameras, our photographer had film cameras and we had some disposable cameras floating around. Funny to look back.

But I did know that I wanted to have some of our growing up photos on a board for people to look at and enjoy the memories. And, my friend, Jenny who was an engineer created the Precious Moments poster for us also – featuring both my husband and myself at the age of two – my husband in lederhosen and me with my hand knit hat from my Grandma Hartmann.

Here’s why you need to have your growing up photos at your wedding reception:

  1. Your guests will love looking at how little you both were – and possibly seeing some fun moments your families have had through the years.
  2. Family traditions will inevitably be captured in those photos – sharing and celebrating them helps ensure they will be passed down to next generations.
  3. Great conversations come out of looking back at memories, the joy and laughter will add to the blessings of your wedding day!

Whether playing in a dynamic photo slideshow or displayed on fun posters, your photos will be a hit!  At Pixologie, we have helped create poster boards and slideshows of photos and would love to help you with yours!

This Friday night, we will be at Elegance Salon & Spa for A Bridal Soiree and we are offering FREE SCANNING of your growing up photos for your wedding. One lucky couple will be drawn for a free photo slideshow (value of $300!)

Hope to see you there!!


A Bridal Soiree Details:

Or come and see us at Pixologie!

9803 South 13th Street, Oak Creek, WI  53154

414-731-1881 ~

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