A Running Photo that Inspired Me!

These photos are of David Hoffman, 80 years old, who just just returned from Bermuda after competing in the Bermuda Half Marathon and Bermuda Triangle Challenge – that is THREE races in one weekend! His wife, 72 years old, did the 10K! He sent me the photo taken of him running in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, in my opinion!


As an aside, I serve on the Wisconsin Senior Olympics (WSO) Board, have for the last three years and I hear about great benefits of well-being, fitness and being active. However, being fit is not what would be used to describe me. David brought his medals, t-shirts and other fun stuff to our last meeting and I snapped that photo at the top of this blog, thinking it would inspire our WSO athletes. (See a link below, David has run a marathon in every state and on every continent – his story is great!)

But it was me that was inspired by his photo to go look at my old photos. I have had athletic achievements and fun with races . . . and I pulled these photos out to look at them again. Here’s two photos of me after completing the Danskin Mini Triathlon in 2012 – one week before I turned 40. I really did work hard for a few months to do this race. And, then proceeded to return back to my normal level of inactivity – due to a busy career and family.

Looking back, I can see I really did it and my photos make me think I could do something like this again.

DSCN9018 finished my first triathlon!

I love sharing these photos with my children so they can see the rewards of hard work and perseverance – and maybe we’ll all build a little more character as I start up exercising again and being a better, healthier role model for my children. Stay tuned!

Blog by Mollie Bartelt

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