Photos, Life and Kids . . .

Okay, this might be a little nostalgic for a Friday, so fair warning. . .


This photo of Alex really is on my mind today . . . I took it several weeks ago at our Just Add Kids Expo where many, many vendors offered information, games and activities for stopping by at their booth. The annual JAK Expo, actually is my son’s favorite, non holiday, event of the year – he loves, loves going. . . And being involved with it is a family tradition now.

In the photo, Alex is standing next to a simple poster entitled the “Tree of Life” and all the children who walked by were able to pick a stamp color and put their thumbprint leaf on the tree. The booth we were at was Racine’s Wilson Funeral Home and owner Chris Chvilicek visited with us while we were there.  Having a conversation about that tree was interesting with Alex and Chris . . . and I loved watching Alex pick the color (which was a process of hemming and hawing!) and then adding his print to the tree.

What an amazing way for a funeral home to connect with families when so often their work comes at the end of a person’s life.

If you’ve read our blogs before, then you know how much we think photos matter in celebrating life. From photos like the one of Alex above, to the many others we collect over the years, each one tells a story.

Let us know if you need help with your photo collection!

Pixologie, helping get photos out of chaos and back into life to be celebrated and shared.

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