Hearts Broken in Wisconsin Today – Oh, Those Packers!

Wow – still feeling the pain of last night’s loss to the Seahawks!


Fox 6 Reporters Brian Kramp and Katrina Cravy show off “Chedlocks!!” the best new Packer accessory this season! Photo tweeted by Brian Kramp

Okay, we understand many people are upset when their favorite team loses. But I don’t know, it feels different here in Wisconsin and for us super Packer fans at Pixologie. We hurt in our heart today, seriously! (At least I didn’t go out and buy my own chedlocks, love them on our friend Katrina though!)

The Green Bay Packers are something else . . . sources of frustration, joy and an amazing amount of anxiety. My husband can’t event watch the games it is so stressful for him.

Check out this photo below – it is a photo from ten years ago – when my father-in-law was alive and my daughter would sit with him and watch the Packers. He loved them, took it very seriously and was a faithful listener (to the GBP radio broadcasters Larry McCarren and Wayne Larrivee) while watching the silent television!

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 8.01.02 AM

Then there’s my cousin Deanna and her husband Ron – so much Packer fans they actually had their wedding at Lambeau Field! Oh my – that was a thrill to be in a suite looking down at the field – even if it was empty!


Someone high up in the sky loves the Green Bay Packers too! I mean, we don’t talk about Brett Favre anymore, but back in the day, wow! Now, we have Aaron Rodgers, holy smokes!! It’s all I can say! Check out the photo below – that’s our friend Tammy Flynn, lucky gal with Aaron!! She sells Packer’s accessories at her salon so that we can all be fashionably green and golded up!


So. . . the Packers lost. We will recover from this. . . eventually.

But I absolutely love, love the traditions my family, friends and fellow Wisconsinites have because of this very special football team. And. . . we love seeing the memories in our photos over the years of what a big part of our lives the Packers have been.

Go Pack! Superbowl 2016 is NOT that far away!



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