Is it Time For The Concept Of “Photo Albums” To Die?

We think photo albums are needed now more than ever!

We think photo albums are needed now more than ever!

Horror of horrors . . . this is a headline that hit the internet over the summer and we are really saddened by what the words might show about the direction society is taken. The author gleefully talks about all of the wonders of an updated app that can do lots of amazing things with photos taken on a smartphone.  Indeed, there is a HUGE industry out there looking to help people have instant ability to publish photos online and through social media connections.

At Pixologie, we welcome technology and believe the ability to capture moments is so much easier now. However, there are drawbacks to the instant gratification we get to posting a photo to the world, ten seconds after it was taken. (And believe me, I have posted lots of photos this way, don’t get me wrong!)

Let me ask you . . . what happens to that photo after you shared it? For sure, some apps have abilities to go back and review the photos – but what will happen in ten years when that technology is obsolete? Consider what the Association of Personal Photo Organizers lists as current consumer photo challenges:

  • A computer full of digital photos & videos
  • Multiple memory cards
  • No backup plan in place
  • A phone full of images
  • A limited understanding of computers
  • Little time to manage their photos
  • Boxes and bags of unorganized printed photos
  • A lifetime of children’s art work, letters, report cards, etc
  • Boxes of inherited photos, slides & home movies from aging parent

How will the newest coolest app help with all of this?

Okay – time for a poll!

If you need help with any of these challenges, check out!


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