Stepping Out of Photos For a Moment . . . Can You Find Your Music?

When you need motivation for getting going on your photo project, music can be extremely inspiring. One of my favorite songs about memories is by Bon Jovi . . . (Okay, it is a bit romantic, but he sings about photos!!!!)

screen shot of bon jovi

WATCH You Want to Make A Memory Video


There is a lot of music that I love listening to while working on things that have taken me a while to get to.  I am switching gears for this blog from organizing photos to talk about your music collection. Why in the world would I do that?

  • Music matters too! It inspires, sets the mood and brings back many memories. (Calling the 80s – my childhood & Uptown Girl!)
  • Pixologie has connected with Murfie – an online music collection and store. Murfie is a partner of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers which is important to us – because it tells us that Murfie understands the significance of photos and memories and what we do.

murfie website

  • Murfie is a fellow Wisconsin business – located in Madison just an hour and a half from our Pixologie Studio in Oak Creek, WI. We had to go check them out especially when Tyler Stubbe, long time Murfie employee, told us they have over half a million CDs in their warehouse of music.


Here’s what I learned during my tour in Madison. You can:

  • Stream your CD and vinyl collection eliminating the need to store hundreds and hundreds of old CD cases in your home
  • Sell your CDs and vinyl records in a personal shop
  • Purchase CDs (digitally from other Murfie members – you are buying a physical CD that Murfie stores for you.)
  • Download CD files to add to iTunes and other music playing software
  • Trade albums with other members
  • Add albums to your Wishlist, choose a price, Autobuy and much more

Okay – I couldn’t resist taking some fun photos of the Murfie team.


The Murfie team let me ship my classic music collection in to try their services out. I loved it – thought it was supercool to hear MY music over the internet. (Literally, I was playing my CD – Murfie copies EVERY single CD that is shipped to them – per their obligations to the music industry.)

And. . . I loved to see that I could very easily sell my CDs also. And. . . I found Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway album for $3.00 – which has my very favorite “Let’s Make a Memory” song on it. 

So – it’s a THUMBS UP for our fellow Wisconsin business – Murfie Music!!!

If you are interested in Murfie, here’s a discount code for you! Send your music collection in and use discount code: PIXMSN1 for 10% off!

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